K-12 Youth Center provides enrichment activities after school to children ages 5-15. We will increase school attendance rates and lower tardiness rates. This will bring less disciplinary action, such as suspension; lower dropout rates; better performance in school, as measured by achievement test scores and grades. Our students will have significant gains in academic achievement test scores; greater on-time promotion; improved homework completion; and deeper engagement in learning.

What Are The Advantages of Our Enrichment Program?



We provide enrichment classes like JuJitsu, Dance, Etiquette, Spanish, Arts and Crafts, Reading and Knit Clubs.


Children have access to computers with internet to complete school projects, Complete Homeschooling classes and interactive learning websites.

Homework and tutoring sessions provided every day after school.

Members get to participate in career day workshops

Educational challenges

Respect and discipline

Self-praise and developing positive attitudes (positive outlook)

Bully Free environment promoting and educating the effects of being bullied

Educating the youth on how to care and love themselves as individual while being a positive example to others.

Students will have the opportunity to explore and demonstrate talents and interest to friends and families through talent shows and displays throughout the facility.

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