Company Ownership Structure
K-12 Youth Center Inc. is a corporation owned by child care, elementary school, and performing arts professional Dorothy Guillaume.

                                                   Dorothy Guillaume  has over ten years of childcare, elementary school and after                                                               school program experience. She has experience in teaching grades K-8, tutoring                                                               grades K - 12,  youth counseling, mentor-ship and curriculum consulting and                                                                     implementation.  She  is  a certified child care director   through the  State of                                                                   Florida. She obtained her credentials at Nova Southeastern University, Broward                                                                 College and  Sheridan Technical College. She is a   mother of two and has helped                                                     many   families for over 10 years. Dorothy  also  has experience in grant and contract writing, bookkeeping, business marketing, and web site  design. Her passion is to help children and families in need of financial, psychological and emotional help. Her goal is to help the youth excel academically, socially and emotionally. She participates in small charities and fundraisers that collect donated school supplies and giving them to children who's families cannot afford to buy school supplies for the school year.  She sent over 3,000 decorated shoe boxes filled with gifts and daily care necessities to children in countries experiencing severe distress. Dorothy is very passionate about helping others and wants to contribute to improving her community


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