Tutoring / Homework Assistance

(In All Subjects)

  • Tutors are certified through the National Tutoring Association

  • We believe every child can succeed academically when he or she is given the opportunity to work on his or her own reading level.  During our sessions, we use  a variety of assessments (word lists, reading passages, spelling inventory, math practices etc.) with students to discover his or her level academically as well as strengths and weaknesses. 

  • All sessions are structured.  Sessions will include a variety of activities based on your child’s needs such as reading books, magazine articles, phonics readers, playing games, using manipulative's, paper and pencil or other strategies to accomplish our goals.  But above all, we will make progress.  Research shows that struggling students do not typically get much time to do “real” studying and practice.  We  make it our goal that the most time allotted in my tutoring session is for your child to improve their academic skills.


Florida Standards Assessment  PREP Classes

January - March


Every Saturday and during spring break we provide test prep classes to prepare students for the Florida Standard Assessment.  Each class is interactive and appeals to each unique learning style.  We use certified resources such as online practice test, work books, flash cards, lectures, videos, games and hands on learning activities; all provided by Florida's Department of Education and Broward County Public Schools.

Dance Classes with Dancers' Element


  • An after school dance instruction program that combines dance, academics and family services. Teaching self-awareness and dance skills. The program cultivates self-assurance, self-discipline and a sense of accomplishment through dance.


  • Students requiring sponsorship for the program must qualify as low-income, students who receive free or reduced lunch or a recipient of government assistance.

  • In return, the program offers all students classes, workshops and other family programs  at a discounted price or free of charge.


  • Dancers Element is open 38 weeks of the year, including the summer, offering ballet/Jazz, African, tap, hip hop, praise, and contemporary dance sessions with a number of professional and experienced teachers/choreographers, designers, artists and dancers.


  • In addition to dance, the program places a strong emphasis on academics. On a daily basis we offer individualize/group tutoring and homework assistance to all students. Students are required to maintain a 3.0 GPA. Students with a GPA under 3.0 are required to attend the program’s tutoring sessions to help improve grades.

  • Dance  with Dancers' Element allows students to take a dance class for free . Dancers' Element has field trips and activities like ballet performances, symphony concerts, the theater, and offers families tickets to various events. 


  • Parents are viewed as partners. We work with parents to keep them involved in their child’s journey through the program. The program offers family service component, with counselors and outside referrals to community organizations giving each student the attention they need.



  • Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday our members train for free. Members work on developing physical fitness, self-defense and safety skills

  •  Our martial arts program also helps your child build confidence, focus and respect for oneself and others.


Studies have shown that children who practice often show significant improvement in concentration and self-discipline — both in school and at home.

More than any other sport for children, Martial arts and its inherent values counteract the “win at all costs” mentality so common in sports today.

It is also one of the few sports in which there are no bench-warmers: every child can fully participate at their own pace. This makes it particularly helpful for children who struggle with attention and behavior disorders


  • Teach students, ages 4 - 15 years old

  • group or individual instruction

  • Age appropriate curriculum & instruction

  • Classes on-site during after school hours

  • Strengthens confidence & pride

  • Lessens frustration & dissatisfaction

  • Enhances artistic abilities-in and out of school

  • Develops perception & small motor skills

  • Creates awareness of spacial relationships

  • Increases artistic interest now & into the future


  • Teaching the youth to appreciate themselves and others around then

  • Respect and discipline

  • Table Manners

  • Self Care and healthy habits

  • Self-praise and developing positive attitudes (positive outlook)

  • Bully Free environment promoting and educating the effects of being bullied

  • Make a friend and say nice things- Faculty, Parents and students to learn how to understand each other and respect each other. They then post something nice about another student on the bulletin wall for the student to read. Grades K-8.

  • Educating the youth on how to care and love themselves as individual while being a positive example to others.

  • Students will have the opportunity to explore and demonstrate talents and interest to friends and families through talent shows and displays throughout the facility

  • Every quarter, Students who maintain a 3.0 GPA, model good behavior, and/or displays other positive personal and influential qualities will have the chance to be acknowledged and awarded by the facility.